One of the exhibitors at the Real Food Festival was The School of Artisan Food.  UK producers and consumers alike appear to be moving away from mass processed agro-foods in favour of “local”, more “authentic”, often hand-made produce.  The School of Artisan Food is immersed in this rapidly-expanding niche.

They provide three one year full-time “advanced diplomas” in baking, butchery and charcuterie, and dairy.  They also have a variety of “short courses” in baking, dairy, butchery, chocolate, preserves and pickling, and brewing.  A few examples include an Introduction to Artisan Baking (£150), Wild Yeast Baking (£150), Italian Baking and Artisan Pizza Making (£150), Artisan Ice-Cream Making (£105), Professional Cheesemaking Fundamentals (£620), Hand Raised Pies, Pâté, and Terrines (£155), Curing and Smoking (£170), Artisan Chocolate Making (£105), Summer Preserves (£105), and an Introduction to Artisan Cider Making (£95).

A 29 minute BBC radio program about the School is most informative and Fort on Food has a recent blog post on their business.

The School is affiliated with Joe Schneider who makes “Stichelton” Cheese.  This is a blue cheese which uses unpasteurized milk.  The Telegraph Magazine has a detailed and well-worth reading article entitled “The War of the Cheeses” which details Schneider’s interactions with what the article refers to as the “cheese establishment.”

Here is a different Joe from the School posing in front of the first Joe’s Stichelton.

School of Artisan Food

Now let’s book that Chocolate Making course…